The Company

CFA Logistics Co. Ltd is a Private Limited Company and was formally established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It has been registered with the Ministry of Commerce in August 2001 (License no. Co., 5682/01P) and the Cambodian Taxation Office in 2001.

We have employed the right staffs and we keep our staffs with the efficient works and developments.

With the reliability and service spirits, our staffs have been offering its customers with a wide range of services related to movement of cargoes smoothly, fast, reliably and economically for port to port or door to door services.

Our Commitment

• Our management have been continuously spending their time to think for improvements in providing better services and working closely with customers and partners to find out the more economical and more efficient than ever. We think locally and internationally. We welcome any request from customers and there is no request strange to us. The customer request is our solutions.

• We made the policy and we've done it and we continue doing it with:
- The most sincere service spirits
- The most trustable
- The most harmonious personal relationship

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